«True people» (Nenei nenecha) – self-name of Nenets, the indigenous people of the Yamal peninsula, and the name of the complex 2015–2016 ethnographic expedition. Project participants and the visitors of the resource will be the part of the reindeer herders's family during the whole year just to «dive» in the casual life of the modern XXI century nomads.


Today is the sixth day when we stay at the same location. It rains the whole time, and moving is very inconvenient now. There already first newborn reindeers came into the world, and everybody is happy about it! If one would ask us, whether they move with these newborns or not, we'd answer - yes! But speed of this movement is usually very slow, much slower then without young reindeers.  

Alexandra continues teaching kids in her kindergarden group. Now there are seven preschoolers and two schoolkids. Four children joined the kindergarder, are from the families our Serotetto family is joined together with.    

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